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Cutlery Solutions

Sit back and relax. We have every meal in every lunchroom, break room and cafeteria covered with cutlery solutions for every dining experience. From forks, knives and spoons in all different weights and colors to the SmartStock® dispensers that keep every piece clean and organized, it's all in good taste with Georgia-Pacific Professional.

Smartstock Dispenser

Dixie® SmartStock® Cutlery Dispenser and Refills

No need for guests to reach into one of those nasty open cutlery bins. SmartStock® cutlery dispensers keep it clean and hygienic. Delivering forks, spoons and knives quickly and efficiently.

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Dixie® Cutlery

Dixie® Cutlery

Heavyweight, lightweight, and all weights between. Plastic or polypropylene. Black or white, clear or champagne. If you can imagine it, chances are, you'll find it in the Dixie® line.

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