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Protecting Surfaces During Construction


CoverMax™ Surface Protection

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CoverMax™ Surface Protection: It's All Built In

Oil resistance, impact resistance, water, paint and mud resistance... it’s all built in. CoverMax™ Surface Protection helps you protect your flooring and other surfaces during construction and renovations. Every contractor knows stuff happens on a construction site. CoverMax helps protect your floors, surfaces and bottom line by helping avoid costly call-backs and repairs. If you currently use kraft paper, plastic, hardboard or cardboard to protect your surfaces… try heavy duty CoverMax instead. CoverMax helps protect hardwoods, concrete slabs, vinyl, laminates, stone, tile, counter tops and more.

Tough Protection With Benefits

Patent pending CoverMax is designed with multiple layers, each engineered to perform specific functions and enhance performance.

  • Heavy-duty, with twice the impact resistance of the leading competitor
  • Oil, water, paint and mud resistant
  • Breathable – vapor permeability helps fresh concrete continue to cure
  • Rolls Out Flat
  • Lightweight and scratch resistant
  • Reusable and Recyclable
    (product contamination through use may limit recylability)
  • Made in USA from sustainable and recycled materials

See How CoverMax Helps Make an Accident or Mistake “Like It Didn’t Happen”

Packaged For Retail Showrooms and Contractors

CoverMax rolls are 100 feet long and 38 inches wide (30.48m x 96.52cm), with each roll covering approximately 317 square feet (96.62 sq m) of surface area. Specialized packaging is available for retail showrooms and wholesale suppliers. The retail based 6 roll mini-pallet (22”L x 33”W x 39”H) is designed to allow for multiple displays within the showroom. The large pallet (40”L x 48”W x 39”H) is designed for wholesale and supply companies that deliver larger quantities directly to jobsites, or contractor warehouses.

Each roll of CoverMax is 38” x 100’ (96.52cm x 30.48m) and covers approximately 317 square feet of surface area.

6 Roll (100’) mini-pallet point of purchase display allows for multiple locations within showrooms. (22L” x33W x39”H”)

14 Roll (100’) pallet for shipments to warehouse/jobsite. (40L”x 48W x39”H”)

CoverMax Simplifies Installation

Watch the CoverMax installation video for additional tips and detailed installation procedures.

  • To help avoid potential surface scratches, ensure surface is clean and dry by removing all dirt and debris from surface prior to unrolling CoverMax. For concrete surfaces, ensure surface has cured sufficiently.
  • Unroll CoverMax Surface Protection (smooth side up) to cover desired area. Carefully cut product with utility knife or scissors. To avoid scratching the surface, hold product away from surface while cutting.
  • Adjoin (butt together) all seams, then tape seams with 3" construction tape. Consult surface manufacturer for recommendations if taping directly to surface.

CoverMax is oil and water resistant, but not oil and water proof. Wipe up spills immediately. If product becomes heavily saturated, contaminated or damaged, replace affected area and re-tape as needed. Prior to reuse, ensure product is clean of all dirt, debris or contamination to help avoid potential surface scratches or contamination. Keep away from flame or sources of ignition. CoverMax Surface Protection is intended for indoor use only.

Store CoverMax Surface Protection on pallets in a clean/dry environment, and away from moisture.

Uncontaminated CoverMax is 100% recyclable. Contamination through use may limit recyclability.

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CoverMax is created from a proprietary blend of new and recycled fibers including old corrugated containers, mixed fiber and office waste, and other recycled fibers. Uncontaminated, CoverMax is reusable and recyclable. Contamination through use may limit recyclability.


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