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Georiga-Pacific Dispenser Lease Program

What it is, how to participate and benefits

Georgia-Pacific offers, for a one time lease payment, with an End-User Lease Agreement with Georgia-Pacific or Subleased with authorized distributor, the opportunity to utilize certain Georgia-Pacific dispensing systems* (see below) including the enMotion Automated Towel Dispenser. There are many benefits associated with the Georgia-Pacific Dispenser lease program and one primary requirement: to utilize only the appropriate Georgia-Pacific product within the Georgia-Pacific system (complete information please see our End-User Lease. For lease program definitions, click here.

  • Hygienically outstanding "hands free" dispensing
  • Environmentally sound/operationally efficient waste reduction system
  • 10 year warranty for materials and workmanship to repair or replace dispenser
  • For troubleshooting or dispenser replacement, visit the Support Page or call 1-866-HELLOGP (1-866-435-5647)

Dispenser Sublease Registration

This online process allows authorized distributors of Georgia-Pacific dispensing systems to complete the Sublease registration and approval process completely online. To initiate the online "Dispenser Sublease Registration" process, click here.

Lease Language To Accompany Leased Dispensers

enMotion® dispensers are only available for sublease through an authorized distributor. The sublease form will also activate a 10-year replacement warranty agreement. The sublease requires that only Georgia Pacific enMotion® product be used in this dispenser. Please print out the PDF form, sign & return to Georgia-Pacific per instructions

Professional Installation

Professional installation is available when project meets qualifications. In order to initiate this process, contact GPXpress via e-mail or call 1-866-HELLOGP (1-866-435-5647). Your signed and completed End-User Lease Form or Distributor sublease form must be on file with Georgia-Pacific.

Any further questions please e-mail GPXpress or call 1-866-HELLOGP (1-866-435-5647).

*Leased Georgia-Pacific Dispenser Systems